Charity Richins

Charity Richins

COO of Grapevine

I am the COO of grapevine Logic.  I have worked in International Business for most of my career. I founded and owned a health food and supplement distribution company in Kuwait and prior to that, worked with a Beverage Manufacture/Contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq.  I have lived in Italy, Japan, China, Iraq, and Kuwait and traveled to various countries around the world.  I love the outdoors as I am originally from Utah where I obtained a Master of Science degree. I speak Italian and served in the Navy Reserves in Intel.

3 things you do for self-care?
1. Exercise.
2. Eat healthy.
3. Travel.

How do you define success?
I believe success is when you are able to do what makes you happy and feel satisfied with your life and not what society defines as success. In my eyes, a stay at home mom with children can be considered successful as well as a female business owner or politician.

What makes you feel confident in your career?
Being able to make a positive impact in the world and the ability to learn and adapt to the ever changing workforce and technology.

Favorite part of your job?
I love mentoring others to be successful and learn. I also love the moments when my team, the creators, or the businesses we work with have a successful moment and are proud of their accomplishment.

How does being a woman inspire you?
The most inspiring thing for me as a woman is that we can be powerful executives in companies as well as loving, nurturing mothers to our children. Juggling both is not easy but women that can successfully do both are women that I admire.

What makes you feel good when it comes to what you wear?
Clothing that is comfortable, high quality, beautiful, and if possible more sustainable.

Tell us what you are wearing from the Yang Lan Fashion Collection and how you styled it.
I am wearing the Cashmere Scarf in Pink/Cream. I love to style this when I am dressing up for an event for work with a blazer! I also pair it with jeans and a cute shirt if I want a more casual look.