Cindy Stumpo

Cindy Stumpo

Founder of C. Stumpo Development

Cindy Stumpo is an American entrepreneur and residential contractor. She is the founder of C. Stumpo Development, a privately owned custom home builder and developer based in eastern Massachusetts.


3 things you do for self-care? 

I am a mom and spend time with my kids! I work eighteen hours a day with no other women - It is hard to have a hobby. When the kids were growing up, as soon as I walked in the door after work, I spent quality time with them. You have to form relationships with your kids at young ages to be able to have that when they get older. Now they are twenty-six and thirty-three and they like to be with me and I like to be with them! I have the best laughs with my kids. I have raised a really tight family.

How do you define success?

Success is the whole package: money, family, and being a good person. Success is raising and having good kids - family is always number one.  It is knowing you have done right by everybody. 

What makes you feel confident in your career?

Confidence comes with time and age. It comes with doing the same thing over and over again until you master your game. Don’t put a time limit on your passion. Business is built over a lifetime. When I’m on construction sites, I’m extremely confident, as a mom I’m extremely confident, but ask me to make you a cup of coffee, I wouldn't know how to do it in a million years. 

Favorite part of your job?

When I am finally done with a home! When I look behind me as I step out that door and the clients are getting ready to move in, I know that everything is done perfectly.

How does being a woman inspire you?

I don’t see a difference, I am a woman, you're a man. I can't do what you can do. If I had that attitude, I would have never made it in this business. I knew I was never equal out there, women have a long way to go. It is inspiring to me that I have always used my brain, not my sexuality to try to get ahead in my career and life.

What makes you feel good when it comes to what you wear?

Nothing is sexier than jeans, boots, and a blazer.

  Tell us what you are wearing from the Yang Lan Fashion Collection and how you styled it. 

The Cashmere Hoodie in Cream with jeans and sneakers!