Joan Dominique

Joan Dominique

Founder & Creative Director of Joan Dominique

Joan Dominique is an American-Canadian Fashion Designer of her eponymous brand, which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with a Bachelors from Parsons the New School for Design located in New York City and has previously worked for recognized brands including Alice + Olivia, DVF, Kenneth Cole, and Meissen Italia. After launching her brand, she premiered her collection at Paris Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 19 with Oxford Fashion Studio and has expanded the brand into luxury accessories destination. 

3 things you do for self-care?
1. Exercising regularly, get a manicure/pedicure, or cook at home. Typically my exercise routine consists of bikram yoga, boxing, and weight lifting. I am in the gym typically 5 times a week around 5 am.
2. Manicures are a very important form of self-care for me because I believe a person is feeling as good as their manicure looks. Always try to treat myself every 2 weeks.
3. Home-cooked meals are important for me. I love spending time and cooking new recipes with friends and family. When we cook meals at home, I also know the quality of the ingredients and that contributes to whether it makes you feel good or not. I like to consume foods that allow my body to feel it’s best and at home I have the most control to do that. But that is not to say that I don’t love a great dinner out every once in a while.

How do you define success? 
I define success as living your truth. Once you discover your true purpose and you begin live your life according to your terms in order to improve yourself to the best possible version of yourself. That journey means you are successful because that energy radiates outwards to other people’s lives to where you are inspiring them to reconsider life choices or perhaps you are then in a position to help them. Living your truth is the most daunting experience because you have to be vulnerable enough to discover what that means to you. However, the journey is healing and so worth it.

What makes you feel confident in your career?
As an entrepreneur, especially in the beginning, it is very easy to feel insecure and uncomfortable. One method that allows me to feel confident in anything I do is I ask myself this question: “Am I making progress?” Even if you made very little progress in the right direction, I take note for these actions and I continue on the path that I set out for myself. Some days are better than others. Little steps, big strides— it doesn’t matter as long as you have not lost sight of your path and the end goal.

Favorite part of your Job?
My favorite part of my job is that no day is ever the same. It keeps me learning and constantly expanding my knowledge base.

How does being a woman inspire you?
Women are incredibly complex creatures because we are so multifaceted. Being a woman allows me to understand these fascinating complexities and make luxury product that makes them feel empowered and beautiful.

What makes you feel good when it comes to what you wear?
Accessories are the most important part of any outfit to me. These products are the finishers and the key style pieces to making an outfit unique, which is the reason I became an accessory designer. I believe in making shoe contact before eye contact.

Tell us what you are wearing from the Yang Lan Fashion Collection and how you styled it.
I am wearing the Cashmere Hoodie in Cream accessorized with a nice pair of sunglasses, a cross bag and my Pysche Heel in Blanc.