Vera Wang

Vera Wang 

Founder of VERAFIED Boutique store & WG EMPIRE Public Relations

Coming from China to New York, Vera is the perfect example of bridging fashion and lifestyles between the two continents. As awarded the first Chinese blogger in the United States, Vera first founded WG Empire Public Relations to further connect the dots between the two markets. Besides that, Vera has always supported small Asian boutique brands in her everyday style, inspiring over 1 million of her followers among multiple platforms with her sexy and bossy, simple and chic style.As the demons and requests increase from the followers of inquiring where the pieces can be purchased, Vera decided to launch VERAFIED to gather small Asian boutiques on one platform, helping the small boutiques and make their pieces more accessible to the consumers.

3 things you do for self-care?
1. Go to the gym.
2. Eat vegetables.
3. Shop stylish clothes with high quality.

How do you define success?
Find the path with your passion, keep doing it and don’t forget to be happy.

What makes you feel confident in your career?
I love what I do and I am good at it.

Favorite part of your job?
It is very creative and always makes me feel inspired by people I meet at work.

How does being a woman inspire you?
I am self-motivated and bravely face challenges.

What makes you feel good when it comes to what you wear?
Great designs with good quality materials.

Tell us what you are wearing from the Yang Lan Fashion Collection and how you styled it.
Style the Cashmere Hoodie in Cream with suede boots and a bowler hat. This is a casual but stylish look and it is definitely a first choice for a daily outfit.